Update: Dock Fire

A number of constituents have contacted me about the recent dock fire in Bootle, and I share the concerns they have expressed about pollution and environmental health and safety.

It is simply not acceptable that these fires have occurred. It is the responsibility of the company running the site to ensure that fire preventative measures are in place and the highest levels of vigilance are maintained. That is their clear responsibility as the owners.

Together with the Leader of Sefton Council, I have scheduled a meeting with all the agencies involved to review the incident as well as the frequency of fires such as these.

At this meeting, which will be taking place soon, I will raise the concerns of all constituents who have contacted me and endeavour to get straight answers.

Our community can't be on tenterhooks waiting for the next fire to ignite.

So I will be seeking assurances from those responsible for the management of the site about its present and future safety.



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