BREXIT December 2018

Many residents have contacted me about Brexit.

Unfortunately, after almost two years of negotiations, I believe the Brexit deal the Prime Minister has agreed with the EU represents a complete failure of her approach.

As you will know, the day before MPs were due to vote on her deal, the Prime Minister announced that it will be delayed. I believe this unprecedented decision is a sign of how much opposition there is to the deal.

The Prime Minister's deal will not protect jobs, workplace rights or environmental standards. It will not ensure frictionless trade for UK businesses. It is also likely to lead to the implementation of a deeply flawed and unsustainable backstop in Northern Ireland. It will leave us with no say over future rules and no certainty for the future - I believe it is the worst of all worlds. The deal falls far short of the tests I have long said I will judge it by, and which the Prime Minister said she was determined to meet. It does not add up to a plan for our country's future.

As I do not believe it is in the national interest, I therefore have no option but to vote against the Prime Minister's deal when it is finally put to a vote in Parliament.

However, I do not believe Parliament's choice is simply between this bad deal or no deal at all. I think a no deal Brexit would be catastrophic and the Government does not have the right to plunge our country into chaos because of its failure to get a good deal. I therefore also intend to support amendments that make rejection of a no deal Brexit clear, and that call on Parliament to use all options to ensure it cannot happen.

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